Dr Ziyath Ansar’s Dental Clinic works on a free consultation policy

Dental health is very important. Often people go through certain impurities and need fixing. To feel good about themselves and regain their confidence. India-based doctor, Ziyath Ansar, currently practicing in Dubai has been helping people with the same. He owns two clinics in Dubai and works with a motto Great Smile, Great Life.

Ziyath Dental Clinic’s success is an output of pure hard work, dedication, and client satisfaction. They have varied services like Hollywood smiles, root canals, zircon bridges, teeth extractions, laser fillings, cleaning, retainers and implants. They provide a free consultation service too. With an experienced team of 10 doctors and 8 nurses; they make sure their clients don’t return back due to any problem in the treatment.

Ziyath speaking about this says, “When I started practicing I had one thing in mind that client satisfaction is going to be my top most priority. For us our patients are not our clients but an extended family to us. Free consultation is a thing that we started with the same motive. Happy to help so many people with and bring a smile on their faces.”

That’s a good thought! We indeed appreciate him and his team for the same.