Dubai’s dental specialist Dr. Ziyath Ansar shares after care of smile treatments

Beauty and dental treatments have become an important part of today’s society. Dubai based doctor, Ziyath Ansar is one popular name in this field who is helping people fix their teeth’s as well as their smiles. He owns two clinics in Dubai, located in Deira and Jumeriah. 

He marks a history of treating over 15,000 patients with his Hollywood Smile Treatment, which is a very popular service at his clinic. He shares certain measures that one must follow in order to maintain their treatments well. According to him a regular oral hygiene is a mandate. Along with a regular checkup with dentist every 6 months. It’s to see if anything needs attention. 

Dr. Ziyath shares, “Smile treatments will last long in a very beautiful manner only if proper precautions are taken. Being cautious while consuming any hard food item is one of them. Rest, checking up with oral hygiene, brushing teeth twice a day. Being gentle with them and gargling with Luke warm water is suggested. Not biting anything hard and embracing the treatment is important. And yeah, this shall keep up the treatment. Don’t forget to let your dentist see your teeth once in six months. It’s to check the heath of your teeth.”